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Client Testimonials For Our Personal Injury Cases

I am writing this story because of my mother. She took a fall that required two surgeries to her neck. She went through a lot of pain and suffering and now she also wheelchair-bound.

When I told my story to Martello & LaMagna, P.C., law firm that’s when I met the best attorney Greg Martello and his staff.

He felt my pain and moms. He said, “Betty you work with me and together I will make sure your mom gets the justice she deserves.” And he did.

I never met such a wonderful person with a good heart. He became like family to us. We always knew what was going on in our case. Thanks to Greg Martello & his personal secretary who also had a pleasant personality and soft spoken voice. I love them so much. Greg won for my mother and got her the justice she deserves for all the pain and suffering she has gone through.

If you want an excellent lawyer who cares get Greg Martello he will fight to the end and get you the justice you deserve.

– Betty S.

Dear Mr. Martello, My sincere thanks to all your hard work and dedication to my case. You kept your promise to keep going and not give up. The results are an indication of your perseverance.

My family and I are truly grateful and appreciate your help, concern and successful outcome.

– Sandy B.

My daughter Helen was very badly hurt due to lead paint poisoning. It was the government’s and the private landlord’s fault on how they managed the property. Our home was filled with lead paint and my daughter suffered mentally and emotionally because she was exposed it. My family did not know where to turn. Mr. Martello was our advocate.

It was because of his passion he got us the results that changed our lives and helped undo the terrible damage we had.

Mr. Martello fought in court and won big compensation for my daughter to pay for her pain and suffering and secure her future financially for her life. Because of his passion, he changed our lives. He got us justice. He didn’t let them get away with what they did to Helen. Thank you Mr. Martello.

– Hilda P.

I could not say more about the amazing job Mr. Martello did in restoring my life after my horrific car accident. I was overjoyed by the outcome of my motor vehicle accident case. Mr. Martello pursued my case won an award which changed my life.

I was in a very bad situation as a result of the car accident and now my life has been turned around and not burdened by what happened to me. Mr. Martello made me whole again.

-Ralph D.

I was terribly discriminated against by an international company. Not only did affect my employment but a sense of who I was. Mr. Martello took no prisoners and fought hard for me. Leaving no stone unturned. After he won the case for me not only was I well compensated with a very large award but it sent a message to the company that this behavior would not be tolerated in the future.

I thank him for getting justice and setting things right.

– Trish P.

Myself and my daughter were injured due to a bad product. Mr. Martello went up against a national manufacturer in federal court and won for us. I would recommend him highly when you need someone to fight for you.

– Adele B.

My sister was a victim by a terrible landlord who caused her to become very sick because of mold in the apartment.

Mr. Martello hired the right experts and argued time and time again in court until finally we got justice. He never gave up. My sister was proven right and got her day in court and won because of Mr. Martello.

– Edelyn R.

What a spectacular lawyer from the get go. Mr. Martello and his paralegal helped me through the whole process. Mr. Martello is a great and amazing person and also takes the time to always take care of his cases. I would recommend to all my friends, family and anyone interested in winning their case.

– Abanoub Y.

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