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Are You Facing Fraud Charges? 

The local, state and federal government have taken a hard line on individuals and business entities charged with fraud. Fraud simply put is the use of deception for personal or financial gain. The attorneys at Martello & LaMagna, P.C., have over two decades of experience dealing with matters involving fraud both as prosecutors and as criminal defense attorneys.

Our knowledgeable and experienced defense attorneys handle all types of fraud cases and investigations, including mortgage fraud, disability fraud, Medicaid and Medicare fraud, bank fraud and tax fraud.

Tax Fraud Cases Have Been Steadily On The Rise

More and more individuals and businesses have been under investigation for tax fraud in recent years, and that trend is continuing. The state and federal government have brought an increasing amount of tax fraud cases, including for failure to file tax returns, underreporting income and tax evasion. Likewise, local businesses have been under intense scrutiny by the government investigating for such crimes as sales tax fraud, property tax fraud, underreporting income and tax evasion.

Insurance Industry Cases

The insurance industry has also taken a hard line on fraud as well. Insurance companies now routinely investigate individuals who make claims pursuant to their policies. Any act taken with information of producing a fraudulent result will often result in a criminal investigation and possible criminal consequences. Insurance companies are conducting more and more investigations into claims seeking to establish fraud in an effort not to pay a claim. These investigations typically scrutinize allegations made by a claimant as either false or exaggerated.

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The penalties for fraud are serious and require skilled and experienced attorneys to defend the accused rights. Our attorneys are ready to assist in defending your rights when charged or under investigation for any type of fraud. Call or email us to get started on your case.